Tax Back Australia

Tax Back Australia

Have you been working for the last year in Australia? Did you know when you are on a working holiday in Australia you can get your full amount of tax back? When you are traveling and working in Australia you will be charged between 13 and 32 percent of tax on every pay check. When your get paid, your employees will deducts tax from your salary each week and pay it to the government.

Lucky for backpackers is that when they are on a working holiday visa in Australia they get at the end of the year all their tax back. The average tax back refund for backpackers is round $2600 dollars

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Get your Superannuation and Tax back!

Every year thousands of backpackers are leaving Australia after their working holiday experience without requesting their superannuation our tax back from the Australian government.

Every backpacker loses with this the change to receive thousands of dollars from the Australian government. The average tax back that a backpacker can get after the end of the financial year from the Australian government is around $2600 dollars. The average superannuation that a backpacker can receive from the Australian government after they are leaving the country is $1000 dollar.

If you are leaving Australia don’t forget to request your superannuation and tax back from the Australian government!

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